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Last Updated on: 25th April 2012, 02:41 pm

>I tried to post this yesterday, but a flue snuck up and laid the smackdown on me. Damn Flu! I felt like sorta crap the night before, and yesterday morning, I woke up and felt like such cream of crap. I spent the day either on the couch or in my bed. Poor Trixie must be bored out of her mind.

And then, nothing popped off the net or out of my email that looked like easy blog material. So I started to write this, and didn’t finish it in time! Damn me, and damn flu! The post might suck, hopefully not.

There’s a bunch of Trixie things that I thought were worth mentioning. Remember a while back when I said she’s getting picky about her toys? Well, she’s still picky, but sometimes, she wants me to get down on the floor and kick the toy at her. Then she backs away from the toy as if it’s running at her. Silly dog. Sometimes she even runs and puffs, as if conducting a grand escape.

I knew she responded to about a million names. But I found one that she really likes. Ancy Pants! Why ancy pants? I have no idea! But if I say it, she will sprint to me at warp speed! I know I’ve said it a lot, but no more than all her other zillion names.

trixie’s messages are so easy to understand. Sometimes I think I hear them in a little voice in my head. I remember the day when it was so horrible out that there was a flash freeze warning and a wind warning. But I felt we just *had* to go to the pet store to get her tag ring fixed that broke when her tags got into an ugly mess. Yeah, stupid, I know. Anyway, We got across the one street, and the other street, but it was hard! The wind was so strong that it tried to lift Trixie off the ground. Once we were safely across both streets, Trixie pointed her nose at the little convenience store that wasn’t far from here. She would move in that direction, but no other. Suddenly I heard her little doggy voice in my head. “Let’s make a deal,” it said. “I will walk to the convenience store so you can get what you need, but that’s it! I’m not walking down the block any further than I have to. It’s too windy!”

Sometimes I think I know when she’s annoyed with the weather. It warmed up a couple of days ago, and she seemed ecstatic with that! I took her out on the flexi and let her have a good romp. then, the next day, It was colder and more blustery. She came out the door and froze. If she could have spoken, she would have said “Awww come on! It was so warm yesterday! Bring it back!”

And I think I’m starting to think like her. I know that sounds weird, but let me explain. I took her out to relieve yesterday, and noticed that things smelled different. I didn’t know why. I came back in and said to Steve that I think things were melting because it smelled like dirt and mud and…buried things. I said that and thought oh good lord. I’m thinking like a dog. Or maybe I’m just wacky with too much imagination.

The other night when our transformer blew, I learned that I need an emergency item that I never thought of carrying. I need a flashlight of some type!

It’s funny how things happen to teach you what you need before it’s too late. The timing of the transformer blowing was perfect. Steve had finished cooking dinner, and all trixie and I had left to do was go out for her final relieve, and since the elevators weren’t working, it was down the stairs for us!

Trixie did not like the fact that the halls were so dark. She started sniffing a lot, until her eyes adjusted to the level of light. She was fine…until we got in the stairwell, at which point, there was no more movement!

This was because once we got in there, the passages were so narrow that it was pitch black! There was no light coming from anywhere. Dogs can see better in the dark, but when it gets too dark, they’re pretty much blind. Trix knew that, and was not, under any circumstances, going down those stairs without any light. She wouldn’t even go down them if I heeled her. No no no no! Then someone came with a flashlight! My hero! Once there was light, she was a perfect little dream.

I’m trying to find a Petzl Emergency E Plus headlamp for this purpose, because I’ve heard they’re good for what I’m asking for, but local dealers have been less than responsive. I think I may have found one on Amazon. Go Amazon! But who would have thought a blink would need an emergency light? Funny stuff.

I heard a funny rhyme the other day that made me laugh at how true it is. It was set to the tune of the wonderful thing about Tiggers song, and it went, “The wonderful thing about dogs, is that dogs are wonderful things. Their heads are made out of bricks, their tails could put you in a sling.” Oh how true! Trixie definitely has a solid head that she could smack into anything, and good lord that tail is to be feared and respected!

I think that’s about it for the Trixie updates. She is definitely an endless supply of blog material.

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