Trixie, Are You A Dog, Or A mountain Goat?

Last Updated on: 3rd November 2013, 11:19 am

Hey there Trixie. Why at the end of the winter have you decided that the only place for your poop to go is high up on the nearby snowbank that has recently formed? Don’t you realize that I have to line myself up with your butt so I can pick it up? This means that I have to become a mountaineer to get to it, and then when you do your victory dance, you send me straightdown onto my butt. I’m sure I look really funny to passers-by. I’m a blink at the end of a leash falling on my butt in a snowbank behind some dog poop. Dandy! Isn’t that flat spot right in front of us good enough? Why must you brave new frontiers just to poop? Do other dogs do this? What’s up with that? Do you have to find virgin territory to poop on? You’re pooping! Just poop, and poop where it’s flat, please!

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