Excuse Me. Can You Point Me In The Direction Of The Reaper?

Last Updated on: 18th February 2015, 05:50 pm

This story about an assisted suicide facility in Switzerland moving in next to a brothel is a little quirky, but this statement jumped out at me.

The only problem ever is that Dignitas (the assisted suicide centre) doesn’t advertise its presence – and a lot of people get lost and have to ask for directions.

I know that in Switzerland, assisted suicide is legal. But if I were living there, and someone asked me to point them in the direction of the help me cash in my chips hut, especially if the person didn’t appear to be dying or in severe pain, I’d have a lot of trouble telling them where it was. I’d have a much easier time telling them where the brothel was! I don’t know. If I did give them directions, I’d be wondering about them for the rest of the day, and their face would haunt me for a lot longer. I would wonder why they would want to die so badly that they would pay 5 grand to get someone to help them die. I just don’t think I could give them directions to their own death, even if it appeared to be their choice. At the very least, I’d just say I didn’t know where it was and get out of there.

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