I Can See By the Bumps On Your Skin That You’ve Got…

Uh, yikes. Here’s one more reason to do your own research when you have a weird medical problem. A doctor himself, Robert Clark developed this weird itching. He went to every doctor under the sun, and nobody knew what it was…until finally, he found dermatologist Howard Luber, who said, “You’ve got scabies. Yup, goddamn scabies. I think even my mom, who was a nurse, could tell if you had scabies, especially if it covered every inch of you except your face. And in classic doctor fashion, they all got mad when he came back and said what it was, saying he should have known because he’s a doctor.

It’s too bad Dr. Clark has stopped practising medicine, because I think this experience would have made him into a better doctor. At least it would have told him what not to do.

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