Aggressive Bee

Last Updated on: 31st December 2022, 02:05 pm

And now, something ridiculous and silly, just because. The Aggressive Bee

This is a rap about a mean bee. The song was inspired by an actual bee who used to dive-bomb me while I sat outside and wrote raps at my old apartment in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’m not allergic to bees, or particularly scared of them normally, but this thing was so confrontational that I did actually feel compelled to run away from it in fear and hide in my hallway. This BEEf was going down in the summer of 2008; I looked up the average lifespan of bees on Wikipedia, and it’s several months at best. But while the bee who was the subject of this song is definitely dead by now, I hope this video will make him immortal.

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  1. I first heard that while I was working out and listening to 24/7 Comedy on ootunes. Do you know how hard it is to hold a suspended plank while laughing one’s ass off?

  2. I’ve found that comedy is the best thing to work out to. And since I use a TRX, the weight I’m lifting is my body, so I certainly hope I never laugh so hard I drop it.

    1. The mental image I have thanks to this comment is making me laugh.

      I generally use some kind of talk radio, but not usually comedy. It works out well until they start going on and on about stuff I couldn’t care less about.

  3. When I saw this video in your timeline, I didn’t spell it, and I thought it was Aggressive B. I was like woe, there’s a video of B on YouTube? Then I was like oh, bee like buzz. Got it.

    1. But but but wait. If he doesn’t get aggressive because of that devil music, does that mean the news is lying to us? If he plays video games while he listens to it it’s a wonder you’re still safe.

      And when I saw you tweet that video, for a split second I thought the same thing Carin did. Hahaha.

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