If This Is Any indication, We’ll Need A Sex-offenders Against Animals Registry Soon.

Last Updated on: 2nd April 2014, 03:39 pm

Here are two cases of men who are lucky they don’t live in Scotland, because if they did, they’d be on the sex-offenders registry so fast, and they’d sure deserve it more than Ye old bike-humper.

There’s Joshua Coman of Kansas who likes canine ass, and was very fortunate that his victim, a rottweiler, didn’t fight back, which makes me wonder if she enjoyed it. I mean, I’m sure she could have made a meal of him if she didn’t. She’s a frickin rottweiler!

And then there’s this oddball from New Zealand who tried to screw a goat, but willy went limp. They didn’t reveal his name for the sake of his….do my eyes deceive me? Does that say wife? It does! So let me get this straight. He is married, and he’s still trying to get it on with woolly animals. What the hell? If he were in Scotland, I wonder if his name would be McGreggor.

They are very lucky they are where they are, because officials are still contemplating whether or not they should be registered as pervs, even though both of them seemed to have gone a lot further to earn the label than screwing a bike in the privacy of a hotel room.

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