Does The US Military Enjoy Getting Their Own Blood On Their Hands?

Last Updated on: 11th November 2013, 10:53 am

I don’t really have an organized thought pattern for this story, so I guess I’ll just start writing and see what comes out.

James Raymond was a soldier in Afghanistan. He lost the hearing in one ear and he developed a bad knee that needed surgery. He was honourably discharged and declared 10% disabled. They set him up to receive small monthly cheques, and he was told that he was put in the army reserve database, but not to worry because unless world war 3 broke out, he wouldn’t be called back. Now, he’s being deployed to Iraq!

What in the blue hell is the US military smoking? Sure he may only have the hearing in one ear and a bad knee now, but if he can’t move fast enough and he can’t hear where all the bullets are coming from, he may be an easy casualty! Sending someone into battle like that is like sending a lamb to the fucking slaughter!

They say that they’re going to give him a five-week medical evaluation before they send him for training. For his sake, I hope to christ he fails.

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