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Last Updated on: 24th October 2014, 08:55 am

Oh boy, the things kids say because of Trixie. I had two of them today, so I figured they deserved a post.

I was walking back after Trixie did her noon business, and a kid was playing with a ball. He stopped and said, “Hi Trixie!” Without even thinking, I answered him and said it was a beautiful day. He then got all sad and said, “Uh, hi Carin.”

What was he thinking? Was he expecting that Trixie would look at him and spontaneously speak English? Was he disappointed when she didn’t? Was he feeling guilty for not saying hi to me too? Silly little guy.

Then, later, I was coming back with Trixie from more business. When I write these posts, it looks like all Trix does is poop and pee. Anyway, we ran into the elevator with a cluster of kids, one of whom was whining. I heard that he fell, so I thought the whining was just because he scraped his knee or something. then, he looked at me and said in the tiniest voice, “He has big, skehwy teef!” I reached down, and Trixie’s mouth was hanging open. She was panting. I realized her teeth probably did look big and scary. I told the little guy she was just hot, so she was puffing. All he said back was, “Big, skehwy teef!” That’s a first. Someone afraid of my little Trixter.

This year, the bugs seem to be worse than last year. Trix actually refuses to go in the bushes anymore because there is a super huge mosquito congregation in there. Smart pooch. I don’t like being chomped on either, so down to the grass by the road it is. She shakes her head a lot when we’re out and they’re bad, and I don’t remember her doing that last year. Poor beast.

That’s about it for today. This seems like a pretty small post. Oh well.

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