Prison Parents

So, let me try and wrap my head around this one. A guy is in prison for kicking another dude to death over a pack of smokes. He meets some woman who’s in prison for fraud. He thinks she’s the perfect match for him, they get married, she gets out, and he realizes, woe is me, by the time I get out, I’ll be too old to make any babies. So, somehow, he convinces a judge to rule that he can send sperm to his wife so she can be artificially inseminated. That’s pretty bad. But here’s where it gets really fun. Because of that ruling, human rights folk are trying to push for women in prison to have full access to IVF facilities while they’re there, so they can have babies!

Pardon? I said pardon? No matter how I look at this, I want to scream.

Let’s look at scenario a. The kid will be born in prison, but the other parent, presumably who is out of prison, will take the kid and raise it on the outside. That still sucks for the poor kid, who soon finds out mommy’s in jail.

But it’s better than Scenario b. The kid is born in prison, and spends its early years in prison! This is not a place to raise children! People are in prison, for the most part, because they did something wrong. Sure, there are some wrongful convictions, but that’s the minority! Most people are in there because they shouldn’t be on the streets! These should not be the role models for a child! I don’t care what experts say about the effects of becoming a parent and how it assists in the rehabilitation process. Thankfully, the article said what I was thinking. What about the well-being of the kid in this whole game?

Ug. What a mess. I don’t even know how the guy who’s now FedExing his spirm to his wife managed to convince a judge that this is a good idea. Do we really want a kid being raised by mom who defrauded people and dad who killed somebody over some cigarettes?

And here’s a message for the women who want to have babies in prison. You know what? If the worst thing that happens to you when you get out of prison is you’re too old to raise a kid, you have it pretty good. Maybe that’s a consequence of, uh, going to prison for a long time. Suck it up, princess! If you’re so concerned about raising a kid, work your ass off so you can prove to an adoption agency that your worthy of having that responsibility. Until then, I guess you’re just not a mommy.

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