>How Did He Walk Home?

>Man Loses Prosthetic Leg While Skydiving

A skydiver in upstate New York is hoping someone will find his lost leg.

Scott Listemann was skydiving above Gardiner, N.Y., June 14 when his prosthetic leg came off.

He has printed up posters to distribute around Gardiner, asking anyone who finds his leg to call him. But now, more than a month later, Listemann still hasn’t found his leg. He figures it’s in a wooded area and hopes that it will be more visible this fall, when trees shed their leaves.

Speaking of falls, it seems this is far from his first one.

Listemann shattered his right leg skydiving five years ago and had his lower left leg amputated last November after a truck drove over it, reported the Daily Freeman.

And I know it’s probably wrong on a few levels to find this funny, but read this next line and try to shake the visual without at least smiling.

Listemann told the Poughkeepsie Journal he’s made five jumps with the prosthetic leg and three without it — landing like a baseball player sliding into third.

Ok, since I just spent the last couple of minutes making fun of the poor guy, it’s only fair that I try to help him out. So if you’ve seen a metal leg without a person attached to it, please call either 845-452-4743 or 845-255-9538. I assume those are his phone numbers, so if you call, let it ring a bit, it could take him a while to get there.

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