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Last Updated on: 29th October 2020, 07:08 am

To me, the saddest thing about this here story on walking and texting is that no mention is made of anyone being killed. You can’t tell me that the world wouldn’t be a lot better off without people like this guy.

Despite the obvious hazards to person and pride, many mobile texters show little sign of giving up their potentially perilous practice. Bryan Fuhr was walking his dog, Ezra, in Manhattan last summer when he decided to send a text message from his iPhone. He looped the end of Ezra’s leash around his arm and tapped away, stepping into the road between two parked cars — and straight into the path of a biker. The biker ran over his foot and knocked him to the ground, spooking his dog, who tore off down the street. Ezra returned, but Mr. Fuhr was left with bruises, scrapes and two broken toes.

“I would not say that I learned a lesson, no,” says Mr. Fuhr, a 36-year old strategy director at an Internet marketing agency. He says he still frequently texts while walking his dog. “I want to be in touch when I want to be in touch.”

And he’s the strategy director for a marketing company? I always thought people with that level of mental deficiency were the ones who worked for 30 cents an hour scraping gum off of theatre seats. The mind boggles.

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