Someone May Be Going To Jail, But I Doubt It’s The Kid. Not Yet, At Least

It’s been a while, but another person has landed in some trouble for gettin’ their Roger Stephens on. This time it’s 71-year-old Beverly Ann Hardy, who now faces a felony charge of assault on a minor thanks to some unruly punk.

According to court records, Darla Edwards called police shortly before 11 a.m. to report that an elderly woman she did not know approached her 4-year-old foster son, slapped him across the face and then yelled at him that he would be going to jail.
The woman then yelled at Edwards to “get control of the child” and continued to yell at her as she got into her car.
Edwards said her foster son was acting “like a 4-year-old boy” and was jumping and running around in the parking lot.

It’s probably just the way the story is written, but if it’s not it’s kind of interesting that when questioned, Hardy seems to be admitting to belting the little fucker at least one more time than his mom said she did.

When officers arrived at Hardy’s residence and approached to speak with her she reportedly said, “I bet you’re looking for me.”
When asked what had happened at the restaurant, Hardy said she was leaving the restaurant and saw the child running in the parking lot.
“She said (the boy) was unattended and she felt the need to discipline the child,” court records state. “She pulled him out of traffic, swatted him on the behind and on the cheek.”
When confronted by a woman in the parking lot, Hardy said she told her the boy may be going to prison by age 10 if he was not better controlled.
Hardy told the officer she did not feel like what she did was wrong.

A completely understandable view to take when faced with an irritating 4-year-old, but even so, you probably shouldn’t do that. Probably.

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