Greg Gaun?

Man, between that title and the
thing from earlier, I’m sure a few of you would like nothing better than to beat my ass so I’ll stop the horrible wordplay. Actually, I’m sure there’s a pretty solid number of you that would love a chance to beat my ass for all kinds of reasons, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m kind of sad to hear that
Greg Zaun is looking for a trade out of Toronto.
I can’t say I blame the guy since everybody wants to be a starter and have a chance to be part of a winner, but when you’re 37 and your prime is falling further behind you by the day, there comes a time when you need to take what you can get and be happy with it. I feel a tiny bit bad for him in the sense that when he signed he was supposed to be the Jay’s main catcher and now he’s backing up Rod Barajas, but that’s how the game, and life, works. Things change, especially when you’re playing for a team that’s in a state of constant evolution, trying to figure out why it’s pretty well sucked since 1993.

If I were him, I’m not sure I’d have said anything. If I’m at the point in my career that he is right now and I’m still playing somewhat regularly for a big league club that’s paying me decent money, I’d like to think that would be good enough for me. Maybe that kind of simple satisfaction is what separates me from high level athletes. Well, that and my screwed up ankle and puffed up ass. But my point is that I think he’s going to get a pretty big reality check when he hits the market. He’s a good hand and I’m sure he’s got something to offer wherever he lands, but if he thinks he’s going to go somewhere and step in as anybody’s number 1 over the long haul, he’s likely got another thing coming. I can’t think of a single team in the majors that has such a desperate need for catchers that they’re going to throw huge money and a guaranteed starting job at a guy who could realistically be done in another year or 2. So if being top dog is out of the question, where is he going to go that will offer him a better set of circumstances than he has now? Sure he’s second banana in Toronto, but a lot of second bananas don’t get to play nearly as much as he does. There are worse gigs in the world than the one Zaun has right now, and sadly for him, I think he might be talking himself into one.

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