Nice Work, Boys

Last Updated on: 5th March 2014, 09:16 am

I have great respect for anyone who is willing to risk life and limb on a daily basis to keep law and order in the world, but man, cops can be real shitheels sometimes. For example…

A MINNEAPOLIS SWAT team busts into the home of an innocent family while trying to raid a different house, shoots at them (yes I’m aware the family fired first but who wouldn’t have?), and leaves the place in shambles. Nobody disputes that any of these things happened and there’s an ongoing investigation into why they did. Yet, somehow, the officers involved deserve and have been given
awards recognizing the bravery and professionalism with which they handled the situation.

Police Chief Tim Dolan explained the honours thusly:

“The easy decision would have been to retreat under covering fire. The team did not take the easy way out. This is a perfect example of a situation that could have gone horribly wrong, but did not because of the professionalism with which it was handled.”

Could have? How about did, chief. In fact the only way it could have gone more wrong than it did was if your professionals had killed somebody, something that happens much more than it should.

Think of the message you’re sending to the public with your actions. If you think that message is anything other than we’re above the law or gees, maybe I should start monumentally fucking things up and endangering folks more often, it’s been a while since I’ve won anything and I figure I’m due, you’re sadly mistaken.

Your city should be embarrassed to have you as a top public servant, and you should be embarrassed by your own thoughtlessness.

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