CHANGE: Can You Help A Numbnut Get eliminated?

Last Updated on: 8th June 2022, 12:10 pm

I have a question for Greg Howard. How in the name of all that’s holy did you become a teacher? I mean, surely you would have shown your extraordinarily bad judgment to someone along the way before you were teaching seventh-grade social studies. Surely you would agree that it takes a special kind of person who is devoid of even the slightest fragment of a clue to stand up in front of his class, talk about Barack Obama, and then spell out what the call for change means, on the board no less! This is what you wrote. “Change. Can you help a n***** get elected?” I would write the word, but I can’t stand the sight of it. And after you had scribbled that piece of prose, you still thought this was ok, and laughed about it! Add to this that your class included black kids, even though to me, that’s beside the point. Just try to explain to me in what universe that would have been acceptable behaviour.

I’m glad the school board took disciplinary action, but I don’t think you should have been transferred anywhere, not even to the adult education department. Let me clarify. You should have been transferred to the curb. You shouldn’t be responsible for anyone in any way.

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