Holy Crap, Is TheWorld About To End?

Last Updated on: 10th November 2013, 08:30 pm

Here’s a crazy story. I was walking along, and Trixie signaled to me that she needed to do some business. We’d been walking for some time, so it was completely understandable. I checked and there was an outer grass line she could use, but it seemed kind of narrow, but I figured she’d be ok. As she started to circle, someone came up and asked me if I needed help. I told her my dog was taking a wizz. She was worried as well about the narrow grass, so I asked her if the inner grass was owned by anyone, because I didn’t want my dog peeing on someone’s private lawn. She told me it was a huge patch of lawn belonging to a funeral home, so they probably wouldn’t care. In the interest of safety, I moved Trix over and she peed pretty quickly. I had a feeling there was a round 2 in our future, so I let her dance around a bit. There was, and surprisingly, the lady was still around. She told me my dog was “doing her business.” she didn’t say she was pooping, or anything else, which I sure wasn’t expecting. Then she even offered to put the bag of dog doo in a nearby trash can! This made me happy, because I didn’t know where the nearest one was, and if she wasn’t around, I didn’t relish asking the next pedestrian if they knew where a trash can was. I thanked her, she asked me if I was good to go, I said I was, and we were off!

This should be a mundane story, something that happens all the time. but it put a spring in my step. Do you want to know why? Because this woman

  • spoke to me in a respectful manner,
  • listened to what I had to say,
  • responded appropriately,
  • and

  • was very helpful!

It happens so rarely that I came home raving about it. Now what does that tell you?

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