NFL Predicts Obama

Last Updated on: 16th October 2014, 09:07 pm

Well, if you’re a supersticious Democrat than I guess you can not even bother throwing on the News tonight to see who won the election.

Every election since 1960 has had a very odd twist to it. If in their last game before the election – the Washington Redskins win – it means the incumbant party wins. If they lose – then the challenger wins.

Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the ‘Skins and, I guess, put the final nail in John McCain’s casket.

All that said, I’m not supersticious so I’ll be tuned in tongiht to see. The poles have started to close in a couple of areas so extremely early numbers have started to come in and they are very, very close. Looks like it could be a late night.

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