Keep It Down Back There!

Last Updated on: 21st September 2014, 09:02 am

A dozen illegal immigrants hiding in the back of a truck were nabbed after the driver heard them singing to celebrate as they entered the UK.

Minutes after disembarking from a ferry at Dover, they began yelling out in joy. So the trucker drove his rig to the nearest police station.

The 12 men, four each from Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq, are believed to have sneaked on to the lorry in Germany.

A border source said: “The driver could immediately hear the men in the back as soon as the truck arrived at Dover.

They were making a racket singing some kind of crazy song so the driver, as he was quite right to do, drove straight to the nearest police station.”

He added: “It came as quite a surprise to them when they were arrested. They thought they were home free.

“They should have kept it down a bit and they might have stood a chance.

Full storyhere.

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