The Onion? Conservative? that’s Funny!

Here’s another episode of it’s a goddamn joke, you lame-brained idiots. When I saw this last night, I was reduced to an inarticulate, babbling fool. Now, I think I’ve found my voice again.

A bunch of nimrods at the University of Arkansas filed a racism complaint against a law professor, demanding he be removed from teaching, for using this piece from the Onion to make a point. Now, read that piece. Read it again. Can you not tell it’s satire? Can you not tell it’s trying to exaggerate something to no end to state the opposite? And in what twisted parallel universe is that a conservative piece which pokes fun at Rosa Parks? Thankfully, they did not win their case, hopefully because someone presiding over the whole thing can properly understand a joke and told them they were wrong. But that doesn’t mean the poor prof wasn’t put through hell unnecessarily. He was going to sue them, but dropped the suit when the university got behind him.

Soon, we’re going to have to have explanatory notes on “why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes because people won’t get it and they’ll be up in arms that helpless chickens are being set loose on highways.

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