Steve’s Birthday, Crazed Snow Storms, Sad Christmas Songs, And Assorted Babble

Last Updated on: 15th December 2023, 02:53 pm

Hey everybody. I just figured I’d babble for a bit and see what ends up coming out.

Ooo! Look out the window! It’s a big ugly snow storm! Apparently, by the end of the weekend, we’re supposed to get clobbered with 50 cm of the white crap. Even Trixie can feel it, because this morning, after she did her business, she rather forcefully dragged me back to as close to the door as humanly possible even before I had the harness on her. If she could talk, she’d say “Screw squeezing through the bushes, I see an easier way!” She wanted to get back inside in no uncertain terms, and was not happy whenI brought her out on the ice sheet, er, balcony, to groom.

It’s a good thing I didn’t decide to take the greyhound home tomorrow. That would have profoundly sucked. I’ll probably be going home with my brother and sister early next week.

If there actually is a big guy upstairs, he has a sick sense of humour. If there’s anything Steve hates, it’s snow, and when does the snow come? Right on Steve’s birthday! Happy birthday to him! Seriously, I hope this birthday ends up being ok. If the roads don’t look like miles and miles of disaster zone covered with heaps of stupid drivers who don’t know how to slow down in snow, we’ll go out for dinner. But we might have to postpone it until tomorrow. It’s a good thing I have all his presents already bought. Hopefully he likes them. Happy birthday Steve, you lucky bum, you’re not quite 30 yet. That’ll be next year.

Hey, remember last year when I wondered if I was the only one who thought “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” was a sad Christmas song? Well, it looks like I wasn’t going out on as much of a limb as I thought. Here, have a history lesson. Not only that, but it was voted as the saddest Christmas song. Hey, I also noticed that “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” was sad too. But it still got soundly thumped by Merry Little Christmas. One song I want to check out is “Santa Can’t Stay” by Dwight Yoakam. Plese, YouTube, come through for me. Please? Doh! I got nothin’.

My silly Trixter thinks she has a new bed. I have a fuzzy poncho blanket thingamabob. It’s great. You can either wrap yourself in it or wear it like a full-body fuzzy suit. I have it next to my chair. Now Trix tries to sleep on it! Silly doggy doodles. Well, apparently she’s soon going to get a new bed from one of her favourite dudes in the universe, so I’m sure that will become her new favourite place to crash.

I got those santa pictures sent off on Tuesday. They’re not going to make it by Christmas, but they’ll be there pretty close. I hope her raisers enjoy them.

I think I’m all outa thoughts. Ug! I just heard a pretty nasty gust of wind. I’m glad I don’t have anywhere pressing to go. everybody stay safe.

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