Deal With The Tooth, the Whole tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth

Last Updated on: 30th March 2017, 12:00 pm

I mentioned a dentist who liked to give chest massages, um, apparently in an attempt to illeviate a rare jaw disorder in my original pile of dentists from hell, but since that link is no longer working, I can’t verify if this one, Mark Anderson, is the same guy. If he isn’t, well we can add him to the pile. If he is the same guy, the case seems to have taken on some interesting developments.

First off, his lawyer claims that Anderson’s brother is a physical therapist and had done chest massages to get rid of this jaw pain. But Anderson had received no training, so didn’t know he should massage the sides of the chest to avoid being in court like this.

Yeah, uh-huh. Sure. I don’t buy that for a second, especially since several women say he made comments about the condition of their breasts and whether or not they were augmented.

And I don’t know about you, but would it be comforting at all to hear the guy’s lawyer referring to him as dumb? I don’t really want one of the sloer bunnies in the forest working on my teeth.

Speaking of bunnies, this guy definitely seems weird. After receiving an angry letter from a client saying he had sexually assaulted her, he sent her a card with a cartoon bunny on the front and wrote, “oops.”

And what is it with people who keep going back to the person who molested them because they can’t believe that they could have? I’ve heard it about women who go to psychotherapists, and now some of his accusers said they did too. I have a pretty good idea about where my boobs are, and I have a pretty good idea when hands are on them. Unless he gave them some strong drugs, which I guess he could have done but nobody says that, I’d know if I’d been touched by my dentist.

I hope the truth comes out, and I don’t think the truth is that Anderson was just dumb but well-meaning. His lawyer’s got a lot of balls to call all the 26 women either liars, crazies or slow-witted. I know defense lawyers do it all the time, but it angers me every time.

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