Hungry Criminals

Last Updated on: 26th July 2021, 06:10 am

Lately, although neither of us have blogged about them, we’ve heard about people hitting other people with bagels, cheeseburgers, tacos, sandwiches on more than one occasion, and of course there was the infamous sausage assault and hot cookie torture. then there were the fights over what was for dinner. there was the guy who smacked his girlfriend for making him macaroni and cheese, the woman who got shot for not cooking a random dude a hamburger, and the two brothers who got in a knife fight over a Hot Pocket.

Now, people are breaking into people’s homes and cooking up a tariyaki dinner before dousing the place in oil and burning it down. What the hell?

I have so many questions about this whole thing it’s insane. If the place was burned beyond recognition, how did they know the guys cooked a meal? If they did, did they bring the supplies, or did they just poke through the guy’s cupboard and cook up something? Why in christ would you burn down this poor little house? Police said there really wasn’t much of value in there. All they’ve managed to do is ruin a dude’s life. And what’s with all the food involved in, or being the motive, for crime these days?

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