I Guess they Got A Little Too Physical

Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 05:03 pm

Hmmm. Does the story of Christine Newton-John exercising her husband to death fall into the >weirder than weird files? I think so.

So Christine Newton-John wasn’t born that way. She was born John Vallandingham. Her husband to be, James Mason, already lived at the boarding house of her grandmother and shared a room with the…boy? girl? Kid. Yeah. He was already agrown man when Christine, or John, was born.

In 1993, John decided to become a woman, and legally changed his name to Christine Newton-John in honour of…take a wild guess…Olivia Newton-John. Then in 2006, she asked Mason to marry her! He did!

Ok, how could anyone marry anyone who they’d watched grow up and who had grown up as a boy? I just don’t understand. they can tell me the marriage was for companionship only all they want, but it’s still weird.

then it ended badly for Mason. For some unknown reason, they went to the pool, where Christine dragged him around the pool and blocked his attempts to get out until he died. What the hell?

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