Ringing Some Alarm Bells. Get It? *Bells*?

Last Updated on: 16th September 2013, 01:05 pm

Carin posted a couple of days ago aboutour latest go round with the fine folks at Bell Canada Repair.I left a comment under that post that I’ve decided to put here on the main page. Hopefully somebody from Bell will find it and be ashamed of what the company is becoming,but failing that, maybe it will get some of you to tell your worst customer service stories. They don’t even have to be about Bell though I’d love to hear more of those. Any sort of company will do.

Here’s what I wrote. When I mention primary person, I’m talking about me. That’s probably obvious, but you never know.

Primary person thanks you for handling that. Primary person, in the mood he was in that day, would have set the record for the most beep laden quality purposes recording they’d ever had were he the one to make the calls.

And you’re being pretty charitable with your description of the blind thing. I remember you saying “I can’t see the screen” at least 3 or 4 times before you finally said listen, blind guy over here. She didn’t even think to ask what you meant by can’t see, which is amazingly stupid in itself. If somebody says I can’t see anything here, the first thing I’m asking is why not?

If all of the other phone companies out there weren’t so god awful, I would honestly consider switching at this point. I used to tell anybody who would listen when the subject came up how good Bell’s people were, but it’s gotten harder and harder to say that since 2007 when I called to switch our phone plan and they turned off our bundle by accident causing our bill to rocket to heights not seen since…I can’t even remember since when. It took me 4 or 5 phone calls over the space of as many months before I finally got somebody good who not only credited me for the rates I shouldn’t have been paying, but was also sympathetic to what I’d been going through with her idiot coworkers…(including the douchebag who kept me on the phone for 45 minutes trying to sell me TV service I’m not allowed to have in this apartment building and internet I told him for many reasons I didn’t need or want), but also gave me an even better deal than the one I’d aimed for in the first place. I’m glad that in both cases things turned out ok, but there’s no good reason why anybody should have to call anywhere that many times to get things done. When I say things turned out ok, I shouldn’t have to follow that by saying eventually. Do better, please.

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