Well Bless My Little Pointed Head, I’m Howling At The Moon

Last Updated on: 4th December 2013, 11:15 am

I thought I had an imaginative mind. It likes to add detail to things, or connect things or events that might only be coincidence. Sometimes it reminds me of scary things as I walk down a street in the dark. But I don’t recall a time when it caused me to believe an inanimate object barked.

A jogger was running through a park in Sarnia, when she thought she saw a coyote. She ran to a construction site and said that it barked at her and she was afraid it would chase her. They called 911 and the police came out and…found a cardboard cutout of a coyote. Thinking it was set up by a prankster, they took the coyote away. It turns out it had been put there by the city to deter Canada geese from hanging out and pooping in the park.

Ok I understand the cardboard thing startling her if it looked real. But why did she hear it bark? Did she hear something else bark? then look at the coyote for a split second. If nothing on it is moving to indicate that it’s making the noises, it probably isn’t. Somebody’s imagination is even more overactive than mine.

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