One Spazz Creates Two Spazzes

Last Updated on: 18th April 2016, 09:45 am

Yesterday did not start off well. In fact, it scared the everloving hell out of me.

Trix and I got up like normal. Everything was ticking along. After I groomed her, I was sitting here in the bedroom and she was sitting beside me. I was giving her some pets. Once, I stopped and I heard a sound like she was maybe scratching an itch or biting herself or something. But when I looked, all four paws were on the floor, and her head was upright…but it was kind of shivering and bobbing and her jaws were snapping open and shut, open and shut, open and shut.

Then everything would stop and she’d lie down, lick Steve, be normal. Then it would happen again. It didn’t matter if she was standing, sitting, or laying, the jaws would snap and the head would shake. No other part of her was shaking.

thinking this was some kind of bizarro seizure, I called my vet…but they weren’t open yet. As soon as they said call the emergency line, I did. I didn’t listen for their hours. The emergency line agreed with me that it could be some kind of seizure but they didn’t know. they told me how much it would be to see them, and then told me that my vet was almost going to open up. while I was talking to them, she did it again. I would estimate that each spell lasted about hmmmm…15 seconds. It’s hard to say now. So I said I’d go to my regular vet. Wihle I was talking on the phone, Steve reached over and gave her neck a little rub, and it stopped, and never started back up again!

We went to the vet and the guy did a neurological exam, was shining lights in her eyes, having her track stuff, and seemed to think she was pretty alert. He asked me if she’d gotten into anything and I said no. He said to keep an eye on her and if she had another spell, to bring her back and they’d do blood work but they didn’t know what that would turn up. He also asked me to see if I could catch a video of a spell. I said I’d try but I certainly couldn’t promise that my aim would be any good.

We went home and there were no more spels. After Steve told me that he gave her neck a little rub, we wondered if she’d had a weird neck spasm.

So…has anyone heard of this? If she did have a weird neck spasm, is that a sign of anything more serious? That was scary. Trix, please don’t spazz out again.

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