Do As We Say, Not As We Promote

Last Updated on: 16th November 2017, 07:42 pm

I’ve learned something today. Were it not for the great work of the Toronto Better Buildings Partnership, I would have had no idea how much it took to send out a 1-page press release.

It arrived in a large brown paper envelope, padded with plastic bubble wrap.

Inside the envelope was a cardboard box.

Inside the box, stuffed with tissue paper, was a green Lego toy, representing a building, with the Better Buildings Partnership logo on it.

Also in the box was a colour picture of the Lego toy; a piece of paper with the Better Buildings Partnership logo; and a one-page release about the Better Buildings Partnership.

You may be asking yourself just what is the Toronto Better Buildings Partnership. A fair question, but since you’re reading about this here at the internet’s unofficial home of stupid, I bet you already know. Yes, the Toronto Better Buildings Partnership is an agency dedicated toenergy conservation.

Nice work, fellas!

A big nice work also goes to Angela Gurley of Ketchum Public Relations who tried her damndest to defend this thing, but ended up sounding the closest to um…yeah but…er…well…no fair! as I’ve ever heard a PR person sound.

“The paper itself – the actual one-page letter – was on recycled paper,” she said. “And we did make sure it was pushed down to one page, so it wasn’t utilizing multiple pieces of paper.”

What about the bubble-wrap envelope, cardboard box, plastic toy, tissue paper and colour logo?

“I’ll have to go back to the team and talk about how the packaging was put together,” she said. “That’s a valid point, and I’ll definitely talk to them about that.”

And before anybody mentions it, no, the irony of this report coming from the newspaper industry, one of the biggest abusers of paper and packaging going definitely isn’t lost on me, but I read it from the website so I’m not part of the problem.

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