And God Said, Let There Be Horrible Mutilations Of The English Language, And It Was So.

Last Updated on: 20th June 2014, 09:23 am

The other day, Steve happened to be cruisin’ around our page and saw an ad for a text lingo bible. We can’t click on it, but it sure peaked our curiosity. Steve and I thought two different things. I thought it was like a lexicon for all things textspeak. Steve thought it was a translation of the bible into textspeak. From the sounds of this article, Steve was right.

The Bible Society in Australia has produced a translation of the Bible in SMS version. “In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth. Da earth waz barren,
wit no 4m of life; it waz unda a roaring ocean cuvred wit dRkness”, are the beginning verses of the SMS version.

Unfortunately that’s all I can see, but the entire old and new testaments have been converted, and you can ask for verses and they’ll be texted to your, I mean ur, phone. Somebody wasted, I mean spent 4 weeks of their life doing this.

Eek. And we thought the pig latin bible was bad.

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