Feel Free To Submit Events…If You Can Figure Out How

Last Updated on: 8th October 2014, 11:01 am

Here’s a puzzler for ya. How come almost every single media outlet that has a community events listings area doesn’t have a little section where they explain where people can send their listings, how long they need to be, etc? I’m part of a committee that wants to send press releases out about events coming up, and I was supposed to find out how to send them to various newspapers, radio stations, etc. And only one newspaper had a thing that told folks where to send their event info.

Good god! You’d think the media would want to cut down on the number of confused folks calling them wondering how they could get their event listed. Why would they want to make it harder? When I asked some of them about it, all they did was stammer.

Thankfully, once I did get a hold of people, getting the info was very easy. But gees! Why not make things just a wee touch simpler for everyone?

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