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Last Updated on: 19th February 2014, 03:12 pm

I figure while I’m ranting, I might as well get both of my small complaints out of the way first.

Steve finally got himself a new cell phone, the same one I got a couple years ago, and while I’m largely happy with how smooth it was for him to get his hands on the phone, I’m a little saddened by a couple of things.

First, they sent it with a version of Talks that’s a couple of versions behind. It’s no big deal, you can upgrade for fre, but why not at least start him off with the most up to date Talks? I mean, the phone’s a bit old, why not at least have the newest compatible version of the screen-reader on it?

And second, how come when I got mine, they sent manuals for Talks as well as a sheet of braille detailing what all I should find in the box, and he got none of that? Did they only have a finite number of copies of the manual and braille sheets? It was just a little worrysome and had us wondering whether or not he really got the phone with the Talks preinstalled. Luckily once we got the phone together, it spoke immediately. but still, that little touch of including the manuals was kind of nice. I kind of understand why they stopped sending the braille since sadly, less people are braille-users, but the manuals would have been a nice reassurance that we did get what we asked for, since not all of the Rogers folk know the difference between Nokia 6682 and Nokia 6682RVI. Thankfully, more of them do than did before, so that’s great.

But, all things considered, it’s a good phone, and we got Talks for a sweet deal. They said he could upgrade in a year to another phone if he wanted. At least it brought the starting price of Talks down, which is very cool.

I said this rant was small. I guess it was.

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