Oh. I was supposed To Do Those In Order?

Last Updated on: 28th February 2013, 08:07 am

Is this the type of guy who doesn’t follow instructions well? Does he buy a piece of furniture with numbered pieces and then just grab random pieces and try to put them together? I would imagine so, since he can’t get three steps in order. The three steps were supposed to be

  1. rob armoured vehicle.
  2. speed off in getaway car.
  3. At another location, swap cars and set fire to getaway vehicle.

But somehow, he thought it should have gone like this.

  1. Park getaway car near armoured vehicle and set fire to it.
  2. rob armoured vehicle.
  3. Run away. Run, run, run!

you can guess how that went. He got arrested, and his car, the evidence he was hoping to destroy, was taken as evidence.

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