Another Kind of Carjacking

Last Updated on: 16th February 2017, 12:55 pm

Apparently the phenomenon of playing with oneself while driving is happening more often. We’d already talked about Brendon Alan Erhardt, the Australian who was jackin’ off and filming himself, as well as Keith Roy Weatherley, who likes to stick his thingy in a pasta jar while driving. But in the last week, there was a guy driving the stick shift while driving the car in New Jersey, and even better, this driver in Sweden who crashed his big rig while trying to make his rig big, continued to enjoy himself even after his truck crashed, and he didn’t even stop during the police interrogation. How did they put it?

The trucker, apparently unable to reach a satisfactory climax, then proceeded to continue to pleasure himself while in the midst of a police interrogation,
according to the local Borås Tidning newspaper.

Really, guys, you can wait until you get where you’re going. For the sake of the rest of us, please do.

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