He’s A Real Badass? I Say He’s A Real Dumbass!

Last Updated on: 5th February 2015, 05:43 pm

Oh boy, we have another wolfname. This guy tried to insist that he was not David McKay, he was Matthew McKay. When asked to spell Matthew, he couldn’t. Oh, and he also had the same tattoos as David was known to have on his hand and shoulder. When they were processing him, they found another tattoo on his back, namely, the name David McKay. Um, you’re done, my friend.

I know criminals like to be recognized by having signature things they do at a crime scene, or tags they leave on graffiti, but why, oh wy, oh why would you tattoo your real name on yourself? At least it’s going to take some detective work to figure out that the same guy does all these similar things, and who the guy is. This is just an instant “You’re busted!”

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