Party…Or Else!

Last Updated on: 15th April 2014, 11:02 am

I’m probably going to sound like someone who’s no fun at all, but oh well. Hopefully someone will understand my point.

Robert P. Schwartz > left an unusual clause in his will. It said that he wanted relatives to get together and have a party every year on the first weekend of August to remember him. This had to go on for at least 10 years, and a family member couldn’t miss two parties in a row if he or she wanted to keep their inheritance.

You know, I think the party idea is kinda cool. I just don’t like the “or else” part. what’s the use in having a party if people feel obligated to go because of money? I’ve seen people who have hearts of gold turn to shallow human beings if money is involved. I’m sad to say I’ve seen it to some degree in my own family.

I guess the 10 years of parties are over, and his widow has called a halt to them. Hopefully the invitees stayed cool through it all. That’s my only hope.

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