If This Had Worked, He Probably Would Have Come Down With A Wiener Ache The Next Week

Last Updated on: 4th March 2018, 10:25 am

Sultan Al-Sayed: Your Honour, when I was caught lying down apparently trying to look under the door of the change room at that pool, I wasn’t actually trying to spy on people, especially not that 10-year-old girl. You see, I had one mother of a toothache and I was simply resting my cheek on the cool floor to dull the pain.

His Honour: Ok, but what about the mirror you brought with you?

Sultan Al-Sayed: Um…well…uh…mirror…hmmm…fine question, that…hrrm…

His Honour:That’ll be 9 weeks in jail and a deportation if I have my way about it.

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