You’d Think This Would Be Just The Sort Of Outside The Bun Thinking A Manager Would Look For

Last Updated on: 11th November 2013, 05:35 pm

My friend, I’m afraid you’ve gone and done it backwards. The way it’s supposed to go is ask for a job application, then pull a gun, rob the place and leave, notpull a gun on a clerk, order him to the floor, go talk to the manager about a job then leave with no money when he says no thanks, we’re not interested in hiring you.

The man, whose description was sketchy , entered the fast-food restaurant just after 2 p.m. Monday and pointing a gun at the cashier, demanded money and told the cashier to get on the floor, said Lt. John Hickey of the Haverstraw Police Department.

The man then walked into the manager’s office, which is located at the back of the store.

“He requested an application for employment and the manager said ‘No,'” Hickey said. The manager asked the suspect to leave; he left the premises in an unknown direction.

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