It’s A Cat!

Last Updated on: 11th May 2018, 06:27 am

Good lord! I say that for two reasons:

1. A woman of an unknown age and her 27-year-old son were so afraid of a cat that went insane that they called 911. Seriously. It’s a cat. I know it’s a 16-pound cat, but it’s a damn cat! The thing went nuts, so they started running around their house and hiding in bedrooms. How about shoving it into a cat carrier? I’m sure two grown people could muscle a crazy cat into a cage. I love how the mom comments on how many rescue folk showed up at the house, as if they were called to deal with a tiger. Well, yeah. Most people don’t call 911 over a house cat.

The second reason I say “oh lord” is because of the horrible pile of cat puns in this story. Cat-astrophe? Fur-rocious? Claw-point? That was hideous.

Hopefully these two don’t take in any more pets, and that reporter gets fired. That was just too much.

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