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Last Updated on: 2nd February 2023, 09:01 am

Until today, I had never seen this give us 10 bucks and we’ll give you a piece of the SkyDome Roof commercial from 1989. I know I’ve never seen it because if I had, there’s no way I would have ever forgotten it.

Yes,the Dome and its retractable roof were a pretty big deal 20 years ago, but even by that standard this ad still sounds ridiculous. They talk the thing up like somebody had better be clearing some space on the wonders of the world list, then proceed to tell you that for $9.95 you can get a piece of roof material with the genuine SkyDome logo (as opposed to what?) on it encased in a mini dome, a fact booklet which I’d love to see because I’m sure it’s fabulous, and they’ll even throw in a yummy piece of chocolate…sorry…souvenir medallion. I think my favourite part is when they say that you’d better hurry because supplies are limited, then in the next breath tell you that if you buy a whole bunch of ’em they’ll drop the price to $7.95. Yeah…sounds like I’d better get a move on. After all, this is something that 2 million visitors wouldn’t want to be without. Well, colour me 2 million and 1.

Now here come the questions. did anybody actually buy one of these? Does it look as cheap as it sounds? Is the pamphlet written in the same style as the commercial? Did you eat your souvenir chocolate medallion? did you suffer any sort of illness as a result? What did it taste like? I’m imagining something like a cross between sidewalk chalk and dog crap…am I close? Even if you can answer yes to any of these questions, would you ever be able to overcome your shame to the point where you would actually tell me?

Remember, you don’t have to use your real name in the comments and if you email me I promise I won’t tell anybody who you are unless you say it’s ok. I will refer to you only as lucky. Why lucky? Because you ingested the medallion and lived to tell the tale, of course.

Ok…I’m waiting.

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