I Keep On Trying It, But Crime Ain’t My Thang

Last Updated on: 5th February 2016, 10:13 am

If you’re planning on committing a home invasion, it’s probably a bad idea to bring along a t-shirt with an old mugshot of yourself and the words “Making Money Is My Thang” on it. If you must do that, it *is* a good idea to make sure that shirtleaves the scene of the crime with you.

This lesson brought to you by previously convicted felon Jonathan Huntley, who seems well on his way to adding a few more to his list.

The t-shirt is in police custody because, investigators allege, Huntley last Tuesday participated in the home invasion robbery of a Charlotte home. According to cops, one victim told investigators that two black males “willfully and unlawfully entered his residence” and stole valuables, including jewelry and a wallet.

But as the robbers fled the Dinglewood Avenue crime scene, the black t-shirt somehow fell out of the duo’s getaway car. Huntley surrendered to police Thursday night, a day after a Crime Stoppers appeal was made seeking the public’s help in identifying the man pictured on the garment.

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