Pleasant Slippery Slope?

Apparently, if people in Pleasant Grove’s chamber of commerce don’t like something you’re selling, they can order that it be hidden from view and not sold. Never mind that the product was completely legal. They didn’t like them, so down they came.

There was a kiosk in the mall selling t-shirts that said “Welcome to Pleasant Grove” and showed a picture of someone loading a dead body into the trunk of a car. Apparently, this pushed the buttons of some businesspeople who don’t want this image of their area being spread around. They say they have been trying to improve their area’s image and don’t need this counteracting all their hard work. So somehow, they convinced mall officials to send security goons to take the shirts away.

Whaaat? They can do that? How is that legal? What’s next, somebody doesn’t like t-shirts advertising their rival’s business, so they can have them removed too? This is a dangerous path they’re traveling down.

What the not so pleasant residents of Pleasant Grove fail to realize is that now that they have done this, word is going to spread about them doing it, and it will spread far more than it would have if a few people had bought some shirts.

Oh, and I have to giggle that the community relations director’s name is Debbie Screws. While she personally didn’t put the screws to them, her mall cops sure did.

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