Eh! O! This Cheer Can Go!

Last Updated on: 10th February 2014, 01:29 pm

I should have written this post yesterday. It seems a little late now. Oh well.

I’ve been seeing stupid commercials similar to this one where Pepsi was telling everyone to “learn” this new cheer “written” by a Canadian. The cheer is, as everyone in Canada well knows and wants to forget, “Eh! O! Canada go!” That doesn’t even sound natural! And that was the best one?

Pardon? That is the fabulous new cheer? What the hell’s wrong with “Go Canada go,” or “Let’s go Canada, let’s go”? Nothing, that’s what, and the fans sure showed ’em last night. that was beautiful.

There are two words that stand out in the main TV commercial, and they’re the ones in quotes. They are “written” and “learn”. That was written by someone? Being written implies that some effort was put into its creation. Even writing a note takes more effort than that cheer. And “learn”? I’m sorry, I learned it without trying, and without wanting to. Even Both of My Feet Hurt had to be written, and someone had to learn it. But this cheer doesn’t even deserve those words.

I think the funniest thing I saw was when the person who dreamed up this cheer, or someone close to that person, came on Canada AM, and he was asked to do the cheer. The guy started up, and was trying to urge people into doing it, and none of the news people did it, so there he was, cheering this stupidity and then fading out.

I think it’s great that the cheer is dead, even if Canada had won. That thing needed to die, and it sure did.

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