Get Ready To Bear All To The Body Scanners

Last Updated on: 17th October 2014, 05:13 pm

Remember back when body-scanners were a relatively new thing? Well, thanks to ye old Nigerian with the exploding crotch, they’re coming to Pearson and other Canadian airports. Ug. They say that they’ll only be used for secondary screening, and the face is blurred, but that’s what they say. I don’t trust them.

Yuck. I’m sure I may get secondarily screened just because my damn dog harness sets off the beepers. Sure you can leave the dog in a stay and come through and then heel the dog through and that *should* convince them, but some of them are not so smart. I don’t want some officer eyeing up my boobs in 3D. Sure I can ask for a physical pat-down, but I don’t relish that either. I found it to be quite invasive *before* the Nigerian with exploding crotch.

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