Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around…And Drive It To The Police Station

Last Updated on: 4th December 2013, 10:48 am

Here’s a lesson a couple of 9-year-olds won’t forget. They didn’t like how their dad was singing in the car, so they started pulling his hair and punching his neck. So…he drove into the police station and had an officer tell them why they shouldn’t distract a driver. Great stuff.

This reminds me of an even funnier story I heard once from a cab-driver. He said he was driving a pack of drunks home one night, and one of them was a less than happy one. Oh he thought he was tough and he was going to beat everybody up, first his friends, and then the cabby. His friends told him to shut up, but he wouldn’t listen. The quick-thinking cabby noticed they were approaching a police station. He asked the tough drunk about 3 times if he was serious. When he said yes, he pulled in, and told him that he’d go get a cop and have him arrested for uttering threats…at which point our tough guy turned into a blubbering mass.

The best part of the story was some time later, the cabby picked up the same pack of guys, although they were much more sober. Tough guy’s friends immediately started teasing Tough Guy, saying “That’s the guy who almost got you arrested!” all the tough guy would say was “I don’t remember…I don’t remember…I don’t remember.” Hahahahahahahaha! Beautiful stuff!

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