Now He May Get A Different Kind Of Sex Education

Last Updated on: 4th May 2016, 02:47 pm

This reason given for why the kid did what he did ranks right up there with the guy saying his poor vision caused him to touch the wrong person.

Anthony Gigliotti took pictures of 139 girls without their consent. When he was busted, he said he did it because the sex ed was inadequate at his school. Riiiight.

But you know what? That should be where the story ends. But it’s not. Lake Travis Independent School District actually defended their Sex Ed program.

“The Lake Travis Independent School District administration is taking the appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with our student code of conduct. This is an isolated incident which the District takes very seriously. The student’s claim contained in the arrest affidavit (regarding the lack of sex education at the school) is completely unfounded. Sex education is part of LTISD’s overall comprehensive health plan which is developed in conjunction with parents who are members of the District’s School Health Advisory Committee.”

Now that you actually defended your Sex Ed program, it makes it look like you think the kid’s excuse is plausible, and it may make people question whether or not you have a good Sex Ed program. If you’d just kept your mouth shut, Gigliotti would have looked like the only dumbass.

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