She’s Cut Off For Sure Now

We’ve talked about people driving while texting, watching porn, eating cereal, and even shaving their face, but driving while shaving the bikini area is a new one.

Megan Mariah Barnes wasn’t totally driving. Her ex-husband, Charles Judy, was using the wheel from the passenger’s seat while she shaved there.

What makes this extra good is the day before, a judge revoked her driving privileges for five years and told her to go impound her car, and after the five years was up, she was supposed to have one of those ignition interlock thingies on whatever car she owns.

…which begs the question. If they didn’t trust her to drive sober, how could they trust her to go impound the car herself? And how many times do people actually follow those orders? “No, judge. I won’t drink and drive again…glug glug glug glug.” “Sure, judge, I’ll go drive my car down to the impound…vroom vroom vroom vroom.” It’s the same thing.

And if she didn’t want to drive, why didn’t she just get in the back and let her ex drive? I mean, he was doing the steering anyway, and she had no problem jumping in the back and getting the dude to get in the driver’s seat after they crashed. Too bad the dude’s chest got burned from the passenger’s side airbag deploying, and the driver’s side airbag didn’t move. Busted.

And my final question is why isn’t Judy getting charged with anything? Wouldn’t he be obstructing justice by pretending he was driving when he wasn’t, and shouldn’t he be charged with something for steering her car from the passenger’s seat?

Just imagine what could have happened if her razor had slipped.

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