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Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 03:24 pm

>Barb keeps saying we need a really fat people tag…and I’m starting to think she’s right. Just look at the story of Donna Simpson. She is *trying* to reach 1000 pounds. She is trying! She says the weight isn’t impacting her health, even though in the next breath she admits needing a mobility scooter and says she can’t walk 20 feet without sitting down. She goes on websites where men pay to watch her eat more fast food. Ug.

Does she not want to live long enough to see her daughter grow up? People aren’t meant to literally weigh a ton.

I would advise her partner Philippe to be careful what he wishes for. I mean, he doesn’t want to make her mad, or she could pull a Mia Landingham, and he wouldn’t stand a chance.

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