Elmhirst Packaging: Making It Easier To Be Green

Here comes a post to make up for me not posting on Thursday to mark the anniversary of Trix coming home. At least this one’s only 3 days late.

Remember when I ranted about the hell I went through over mutt mitts? Well, it came time to get new bags, and hell if I was going to go through that garbage again.

I mentioned in that post that I had discovered Elmhirst Packaging. I should mention how I discovered them. Steve was looking at what ads were showing up on our page, and saw an ad for Elmhirst packaging. He emailed me with the subject “Wanna get angry?” and the text of the ad, which showed I could get an arse-load of these bags for way cheaper than Mutt Mitts. So I filed that away and said I would try them this time around. And my experience has been far better, from start to finish.

Ok, first of all, they’re Canadian, seemingly from Toronto. Yea! They even have their prices in Canadian dollars. Double yea! and I could get 500 bags for, get ready to get angry with me now, $14.95! Yes, my friends, when I paid $123 for 900 mutt mitts, I could have gotten 1000 of these doodeefulls for $29.90. Oh my my my. My pocketbook screams and cries. And the shipping was only 8 bucks on top of it! None of this $174 business. And if I wanted to save even more dough, I could have gotten them without the packaging.

I emailed Elmhirst Packaging to ask them a few things. I wanted to make sure that the bags would biodegrade in the landfill, not in my hands, and that the shipping and all that stuff was as it seemed. I got a very nice email back, explaining that the bags had a shelf life of a year and a half if kept dry and at room temperature or cooler, and yes, I was reading the site correctly. He even gave me their phone number in case I had any trouble completing the purchase in the online store. Yeah!

I had no trouble doing the purchase, and my doodeefulls arrived on Thursday. They’re pretty cool-lookin’ little bags. They’re plenty big, but thin enough to squish into my pocket, and they have little handles you can use to tie up the bag. Yeah! I have used them since Thursday and have had no trouble at all.

So if you’re on the hunt for biodegradable poop bags, or any bag for that matter, hop on over to their site and have a look around. They even have biodegradable tape, which they use to seal up their own shipping boxes! How cool is that?

There ya go, Trix, you have new bags to poop in, and these ones didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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