And Now, It’s Time For The Seventh Inning Blech!

Last Updated on: 29th June 2020, 06:29 pm

I think the most I saw at a ballgame in terms of disorderly conduct was a dude mooning someone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone deliberately throw up on a kid. Yeah, the kid was 11. That says something about the deliberate puker, Matthew R. Clemmens. And to Mr. Clemmens, I say ha ha ha ha ha, you picked the wrong kid to puke on, the daughter of a cop. He’ll make sure you get as many charges as he can, and it looks like he has, you’re gettin’ 15 counts for that little act.

Next time, don’t get so drunk that you think puking on someone is a good idea. Then again, you’re probably the type that would think that was funny while stone sober.

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