From One Kind Of Cell To Another

Last Updated on: 2nd March 2017, 11:49 am

If you kill someone and then use their cell phone to tell their family they’ve moved, a. make sure the person usually texts, and b. if you receive a text back from the dead person, don’t run to where you’ve stashed the body to make sure it’s still there. I’m sure Paul Edwards is regretting those fllaws in his judgment.

The story goes that Lisa Spence went missing after work. Her boss reported her missing. Then, her family started getting messages that she had moved to Jacksonville. But they knew she doesn’t send texts, so they told police about them. Police figured out that her phone was nowhere near Jacksonville, in fact it had never left the county. So, thinking maybe these messages were being sent by her ex boyfriend, they decided to try and trick him. They rerouted her number to another phone and sent him one text. “Just wait til I got better.” Vrooom! Minutes later, he was seen by surveillance folk driving out to a barrel where a woman’s headless body was. After getting DNA from her daughter, it was confirmed that it was Spence’s. Now Edwards is in jail, and no bail amount would set him free.

I would have loved to have seen the spooked look on his face as he drove out to check and make sure she really was still dead. I don’t know how he thought she was alive, since they still haven’t found her head. What a creep. I hope he enjoys experiencing prison as an inmate, since he used to be a prison official.

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