Misconceptions About Guide Dogs

Last Updated on: 21st January 2019, 09:41 am

Also got this from Amanda.

Carlos Palomino is compiling a list of sorts of misconceptions he’s had to deal with to do with having a guide dog. Here’s the beginnings of it. I can’t believe that tons of people think they have to pick up the crap with their bare hands! Seriously? I always knew there was a bag involved. I was more worried about poop-leakage or mishaps or something. I’ve had kids think I’m picking up crap with my bare hands when the bags were clear, but that’s different. I was more worried I’d have to stand there somehow paper toweling up pee off the already wet grass.

I really hope he fleshes this out. It could be entertaining for those who know better, informative for those who don’t.

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